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Landlord Safety Checks

It is a legal requirement for landlords who rent out a property to ensure that all of the gas appliances and pipe work within are checked every 12 months by a registered Gas safe engineer, who will be able to provide the landlord with a CP 12 Gas Safety Certificate. This should be something which landlords prioritise to ensure that it is done regularly and within the right timeframes each year. 

Ensuring you choose a registered worker

As this is a legal requirement, it must be carried out to a certain standard in order to meet the legal requirements. It is vital that landlords ensure that only a competent gas safe engineer carries out this inspection. Tenants also have the right to query this if they are present when the checks are being carried out and no reputable worker will be concerned by this. In fact, any gas safe registered engineer will be able to provide evidence in the form of their membership card, to prove that they hold the correct training and qualifications to carry out the Gas Safety Inspection correctly. 

What happens during a check?

Diamond Services will complete a thorough inspection of the full system to ensure that it is working safely and efficiently, making a note of any potential issues which may arise. 

We will look at things such as Gas tightness. Are there any leaks or pressure loss? Is there satisfactory ventilation? Is the system working effectively? Not only are regular checks a legal necessity, but they will also help to ensure that your system continues to function well for many years, as early warning signs of issues to come can be spotted.

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